Prepared to Care

This week, May 12-18, is National Hospital Week. The American Hospital Association began celebrating National Hospital week more than 90 years ago to “celebrate the history, technology and dedicated professionals” in hospitals.

This year’s theme for National Hospital Week is “Prepared to Care.” The 60-second video that the AHA put together on their website, speaks to how those who work in hospitals are called to serve and care.

While we at MedSpeed are not officially part of a hospital, the role that our Logistic Service Representatives (LSRs) play is very much part of the hospital’s chain of care. Our LSRs have daily interaction with hospital staff members and their outstanding efforts show how dedicated and “prepared to care” they are.

This year, at the end of March—as sometimes happens here in the Midwest—there was a snowstorm that created terrible road conditions.  Our LSR, Rick Warburton was trying to maneuver around some of the other cars, but lost traction and ended up off the road.  While waiting for the tow truck he called, Rick and another driver were able to push the MedSpeed vehicle back on the road and Rick drove to the next hospital on his route.

Upon getting out of the car at the hospital, Rick realized he had injured his leg during the push back on the road and he had difficulty walking. So what did he do?  He pulled up to the entry doors of the hospital and asked security for a wheel chair… so he could pick up the specimens on his delivery route!

Upon collecting those specimens, he proceeded to his next stop and repeated the same steps.  He also called into his supervisor to inform him of the situation and arrangements were made to have two co-workers meet him: the first to offload the specimens and continue his route, the second to take Rick to receive medical treatment. Rick is doing very well now and it’s late enough in the year that we shouldn’t get any more spring snow.

This story shows the lengths that Rick was willing to go through in order to accomplish his job. He is clearly “prepared to care.”  He is also testament to our good fortune to have some of the best and most dedicated team members who provide daily examples of excellent care and service.

The AHA says that its members are always ready to care. So, as we salute National Hospital Week, I’d like to say that as honorary members of hospital staff we share their commitment.

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