One Team

During this year of immense hardships and endless unknowns, we have all come together – communities, health systems, laboratories, patients, families, frontline workers – to fight tooth and nail against this ruthless pandemic. Each shift in momentum and every small step forward allows all of us to see a bit more light at the end of the tunnel.

This difficult year has made our mission to connect patients, providers and their communities feel even more vital. Importantly, the people who live and breath our mission every day, our LSRs (MedSpeed’s title for our drivers), are the backbone of logistics for MedSpeed and our customers. These MedSpeeders exhibit perseverance every year, but particularly this one. In recognition of this exceptional dedication, we are giving all LSRs a special bonus because their commitment is the foundation of all that MedSpeed is.

Reflecting that, what has been especially gratifying is to have our customers—those who are truly on the front lines—realize the important contribution our LSRs make to moving healthcare forward.  We have received note after note from healthcare providers across the country commending the work of MedSpeeders.

In that vein, last week one of our customers in the Mid Atlantic, Inova, gave “hero bonuses” to their team members.  In as pure an expression of partnership as I could ever hope for and as appreciation for our efforts during the pandemic, they included our LSRs who support the health system.  Given all the challenges and heartache of these last nine months, the feeling of camaraderie and unity in pursuit of a shared goal so nobly present in this demonstration of togetherness is especially poignant.

Thank you to the Inova team for this amazing example of partnership and to our LSRs across the country who are supporting patients and providers in our communities each day.

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