Delivering Groceries to Senior Citizens in Partnership with Northwestern Medicine

There is no overstating the challenges and hardships that our industry and our country at large have endured during this pandemic. Healthcare leaders have taken extraordinary measures to meet these obstacles head on, which has created an environment of accelerated innovation. Impressive strides have been made to deliver care more efficiently, with the same degree of effectiveness.

Additionally, I’m struck by the number of healthcare entities that have rapidly scaled new programs to address the broader needs of their communities. It’s this idea that has been talked about for years of “health care” instead of “sick care”.

One such example is from our customer, Northwestern Medicine, who was recently featured in a Healthcare Purchasing News article. Northwestern Medicine is improving the health of the communities it serves by addressing the needs of the most vulnerable populations. Senior citizens are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 and are also one of the largest demographics at risk for food insecurity in our country. To ensure that Chicago senior citizens had the food they need, while also fostering safe social distancing, Northwestern Medicine collaborated with Our Lady of Angels Food Pantry and MedSpeed.

Here’s how the program works: Our Lady of Angels Food Pantry prepares fresh produce and grocery staples and the MedSpeed team delivers them to the homes of local senior citizens each week. Since the program began in April, it has grown exponentially, allowing more and more seniors to stay home in a safe environment and get the food they need without the risk of exposure to large numbers of people at food pantries.

We are honored to work with community-based partners, such as Our Lady of Angels Food Pantry, and to support Northwestern Medicine as they address social determinants of health.

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