With tight labor market, outsourcing to the rescue

The unemployment rate in the US is currently below 4%, which means our economy is doing well, and a large majority of Americans are employed. That’s the good news.

The bad news is, with such a tight labor market, many organizations—healthcare ones in particular—are struggling to fill positions and are forced to come up with creative ways to fill those slots. Dartmouth-Hitchcock, a healthcare system in New Hampshire, has had to find creative ways around the workforce shortage in order to maintain the same level of care. Since a healthcare system requires positions from janitors and cafeteria workers to psychiatrists and nurse practitioners, the challenges are great.

And that’s the rub.  The primary goal of a healthcare organization is to provide excellent care to its patients. There are any number of jobs that go into that, but when organizations like Dartmouth-Hitchcock are having difficulty filling clinical positions—and they are far from alone—should other positions be outsourced instead?

I’ve written pretty extensively about the benefits of outsourcing, and of course, our company is founded on that principle. Today, when so many hospitals are struggling to fill their clinical positions, it makes sense for them to turn to outsourcing to alleviate labor pressures.

We think it is always a good argument to do outsourcing in the right, customer-centric way. It alleviates labor pressures while taking care of employees and allowing the team to focus on what they do best.

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