New Survey Links Supply Chain Management to Better Quality and Patient Care

Historically, supply chain management has struggled to get the attention it merits. Over the years, it has been increasing in importance and a recent industry survey supports this increased focus.

The survey highlights opportunities for improvement and modernization in supply chain management. Most importantly, in my opinion, it found that outdated and manual healthcare supply chain management processes detract from care delivery. Frontline clinicians said that they spend a full two hours per 12 hour shift managing inventory issues. Nearly two-thirds of those frontline clinicians said they wish they could trade the time they spend managing supply chain for more patient care time.

The survey notes that implementing more efficient healthcare supply chain management systems and processes are very likely to improve a hospital’s revenue cycle. And, by focusing on the supply chain, organizations can help caretakers simultaneously address the competing pressures to decrease costs and improve patient care.

This is only one survey but its findings support my belief that supply chain is still under-estimated in its ability to impact patient care and is worthy of greater focus and investment.

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