Why Healthcare Should be Looking for New Opportunities to be Lean

MedSpeed has made Lean Six Sigma part of our culture. We see firsthand the benefits of Lean and its goal of providing value to our customers through a process that minimizes waste.

I’ve written before about Lean principles and how they directly impact the healthcare industry at large. Recently, I was honored to have the opportunity to again write about that impact in a guest blog post for Healthcare Finance. That post discusses intersite logistics, or healthcare transportation, which is what MedSpeed does for a living.

Because healthcare transportation is typically never greater than a fraction of a percent of a health system’s total expenditure, many healthcare executives miss it as a large area of opportunity. However, while unifying transportation (intersite logistics) may have a cap on upside as an end in and of itself, it can be a means to create other opportunities for operational standardization within a healthcare system, by eliminating waste along entire value streams—directly in keeping with the Lean philosophy.

Read the full Healthcare Finance guest blog post here.

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