Our Story

MedSpeed has been a focused organization from its start in 1999 when its founder, Jake Crampton, observed a significant void in healthcare – the absence of industry-specialized transportation that leveraged transportation as a strategic asset for healthcare organizations. He took what was a business plan concept developed in business school to a national organization that provides a service offering to fill that void – one that drives out waste and standardizes and centralizes healthcare operations.

MedSpeed is dedicated to improving the health of individuals in the communities we serve. Even though the company has grown to serve some of the largest and most complex healthcare organizations in the country, we have kept the small business, entrepreneurial feel and remain committed to the same values that were established on day one. Based upon three core tenets, our corporate culture and strategic goals reflect this commitment:




We work as one team

We look out for and support each other. We are one team with our customer just as we are one team within MedSpeed.

We keep our promises

We keep our promises with each other and with our customers. We seek to earn trust with every action.

We get better every day

We set the bar high and as we near it we set it yet higher. We are bound with our customers in the pursuit of the better way.




Because we are exclusively focused on healthcare, our team understands the unique demands of the industry. Unlike traditional courier services that take a transactional approach to moving items from points A to B, MedSpeed supports healthcare organizations with a strategic and analytical approach to ensure that the resulting transportation network is most efficiently and effectively aligned with our customers’ needs.

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