Welcome to a new era of healthcare transportation.

MedSpeed is an ISO-certified, technology-enhanced healthcare transportation solutions provider that helps organizations reduce risk and achieve maximum business value. Working with clients to create a globally-optimized, leverageable logistical framework, MedSpeed consistently produces quality service and an enhanced economic value proposition. This unique approach to transportation design and execution delivers operational quality, economic value and strategic advantage.

Learn more about how MedSpeed can help your organization get on the road to logistically optimized healthcare transportation.


HFMA Peer Review

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MedSpeed has expanded its commitment to environmental sustainability by joining Practice Greenhealth, a membership organization for institutions and businesses in the health care field that are engaged in reducing their environmental footprints.

Not Your Traditional Medical Courier

Healthcare Transportation is a calculated method for integrating the movement of physical materials to achieve greater operational efficiencies, more effectively utilize scale, eliminate redundancies and centralize services.

Unlike a traditional medical courier that simply performed pickups and deliveries, MedSpeed transforms courier services from a cost center into a strategic asset.