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    Aligning Business Objectives with Operational Excellence

  • Flexibility and Scalability

    Improving Efficiency and Performance

  • Emphasis on Sustainability

    Best Practices to Positively Impact the Environment in our Communities

  • MedSpeed

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  • MedSpeed

    For Better Operational and Financial Returns

Not Your Traditional Medical Courier 

  • Achieve maximum business value
  • Drive standardization and manage utilization
  • Leverage your logistics framework
  • Eliminate waste and redundancies
  • Limit risks and liabilities
  • Gain reliability and predictability
carWhat is Healthcare Transportation?

Healthcare Transportation, or Intra-Company Logistics is a calculated method for organizing the movement of physical materials to achieve greater operational efficiencies, more effectively utilize scale, eliminate redundancies and centralize services.

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med-logoThe Value of A Healthcare Transportation Network

Healthcare and Laboratory Transportation can be one of two things: A low value, commodity function with the sole purpose to simply courier materials between facilities or a strategic and competitive intra-company logistics asset that can be leveraged to provide value and savings.

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gearDEFINED PROCESS: Working with MedSpeed

Healthcare and Laboratory Transportation Networks are the framework that allows your operations to function timely, smoothly and efficiently.  Working with a partner is not a decision to make lightly or without a comprehensive understanding of your current transportation operations.

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Articles & Publications

To Outsource or Insource: Today's Healthcare Conundrum

Using third party industry resources, MedSpeed developed the white paper “To Outsource or Insource: Today’s Healthcare Conundrum” to help executives […]

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Sustainable Road

“Sustainable Road” from Greenhealth, explores the impact that physical integration can have on a health system’s sustainability goals. Read the Article

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The Time To Act Is Now

“The Time To Act Is Now” is a summary of the third roundtable discussion MedSpeed facilitated with forward-thinking healthcare supply […]

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True Value of Healthcare Transportation

In this webcast, Dr. Robert Handfield, director of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative at North Carolina State University, shares results from his national study on healthcare executives’ opinions on transportation.

What is healthcare transportation and why is it different from a traditional medical courier?

Healthcare transportation is a strategic partnership that directly aligns transportation with broader organization objectives and provides the operational features that match the critical nature of the materials moved.

Can MedSpeed help organizations retain control over their healthcare transportation operations?

MedSpeed understands that its customers need to retain control over healthcare transportation.  Through technology and tools, the MedSpeed partnership gives its partners increased control and oversight.

Is MedSpeed a “green” company?

MedSpeed is committed to supporting our client organizations and the communities in which we serve. Part of this commitment is operating as efficiently and in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

What Our Customers Say

Rob Handfield, PhD

Rob Handfield, PhD

Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management Co-Director Resource Cooperative, Supply Chain / NC State University

“MedSpeed has gone well beyond the basics in building a solution and value proposition that addresses the entire need set of the healthcare supply chain. They are a continuous cost improvement engine that also eliminates risk and improves clinical stakeholder satisfaction in the modern healthcare environment.”

Mike Figliolia

Mike Figliolia

Assistant Director, Strategic Sourcing Non-Clinical / UPMC

“On average, our providers have gained at least 30 minutes of personal time back daily and reported greater job satisfaction (leading to continuing retention) with the MedSpeed service.”

Michael Dash

Michael Dash

Vice President, Operations / LifeShare Community Blood Services

“MedSpeed continues to earn our business. If MedSpeed was not an alternative, LifeShare would build the comprehensive transportation network at significant cost and extensive management effort.”

Our Blog

Elements of Successful Outsourcing

Has it ever occurred to you to equate outsourcing with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? It had not occurred to me […]

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Hats off to our MedSpeed summer interns!

By Angie Gray, Vice President of Human Resources, MedSpeed This week, six college students from across the country successfully completed […]

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Supply Chain Is All About Value

A blog post by the chairperson of the American Council of Sourcing and Procurement Executive poses a very interesting idea. […]

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You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

According to the 2017 HealthLeaders Media Cost and Revenue Strategies Survey, healthcare executives who embrace determining the true cost of […]

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