• Cost Centers Cost Money. Assets Create Long-Term Returns.

    Has your organization made transportation an asset yet?

  • Supply chain disruptions impact care, reduce satisfaction and damage perception.

    Do you know how your intra-company logistics performs today?

  • The rapidly shifting healthcare environment requires executives to build for the future

    How can strategic partnerships help meet the needs of the market?

    Read “Moving at the Speed of Medicine”
  • Healthcare reform requires smart data use to maximize efficiencies.

    Does your intra-company logistics and data focus on transactions or outcomes?

    Learn how Vested Outsourcing can help
  • Expenditure is most accurately measured as Total Cost of Ownership.

    Do you know your TCO for intra-company logistics?

The Next Catalyst for Healthcare Integration: Intra-Company Logistics

Transforming Logistics and Courier Services from Cost Center to Strategic Asset

MedSpeed Works With

Health Systems Laboratories Pharmacies Blood Centers Home Health Agencies & Providers Veterinary Laboratories & More

• Enhance physical connections across your facilities
• Drive standardization and manage utilization
• Enable sharing across your organization
• Eliminate fragmentation and redundancies

• Limit risks and liabilities
• Gain reliability and predictability
• Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership
• Centralize and streamline


carWHAT IS Intra-Company Logistics?

Intra-company logistics, or healthcare transportation – the enterprise-wide movement of physical materials, such as specimens, pharmaceuticals, supplies, print, mail, equipment, and more – is the logistics layer that enables the clinical layer to function most efficiently and effectively.

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med-logoTHE VALUE of Intra-Company Logistics

A strategic intra-company logistics network allows you to re-assign the same dollars you are spending today (and often less) to a new, better-designed, systematic transportation operation that can be leveraged to generate returns of 10 to 50 percent of spend.

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gearDEFINED PROCESS: Working with MedSpeed

MedSpeed is a dedicated steward of the interests of our customers. A central component of this commitment – and also of the value we provide – is our analytical process called Transportation Evaluation and Design (TED). Through TED, we develop solutions that leverage logistics and standardize.

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Articles & Publications

Taking “Systemness” to the Next Level

Success in healthcare is increasingly dictated by complex measures, such as quality, efficiency and customer experience, which require efficient coordination. […]

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From holding company to operating company: 4 experts on health system economies of scale

“From holding company to operating company: 4 experts on health system economies of scale” from Becker’s Hospital Review recaps a […]

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Moving at the Speed of Medicine: Turbo-Charging Performance with Strategic Partnerships

Healthcare is changing and patients have higher expectations than ever. Forging mutually beneficial strategic partnerships is even more valuable today […]

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Intra-Company Logistics: The Next Catalyst for System Integration

In today’s changing healthcare environment, effective system-wide integration is a critical step toward optimizing operations.

Is Your Intra-Company Logistics Lean?

Improving quality and efficiency, while controlling costs, is an imperative in healthcare. Health systems nationwide are adopting Lean to meet this challenge.

The True Cost of Using the Lowest Price Intra-Company Logistics Provider

Many times, what looks to be the lowest price solution ends up having the highest overall long term cost.

Savings Hidden in Plain Sight

Logistics costs are often embedded in many costs centers. Now is the time to transform intra-company logistics in to a unified, cost efficient network.

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What Our Customers Say

Tom Lubotsky

Chief Supply Chain Officer / Advocate Health Care

It’s not just about healthcare transportation. It’s about a broader picture around looking at the whole workflow of our key area of focus that relies and is dependent on transportation to be successful.

Sam Terese

CEO / PCL Alverno

In the last year, we have grown by 25 to 30 percent. To be able to accomplish that, really took a partner like MedSpeed.

Martin Grable

President & CEO / Community Blood Center of the Carolinas

The relationship between MedSpeed, the hospitals and CBCC is, in essence, a triad. It is much more a partnership than it is a transactional relationship.

Executive Leader

Supply Chain / UPMC

“Our biggest problem as we acquire systems that seem to be geographically matched to what we need, is how to create concentric hubs and match it together in our main hospital system. We have outpatient facilities and hospitals and will add more as we continue to grow. Transportation touches all these facilities. We had to integrate it to maximize it. We even integrated the pharmacy.”

Rob Handfield, PhD

Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management Co-Director Resource Cooperative, Supply Chain / NC State University

“MedSpeed has gone well beyond the basics in building a solution and value proposition that addresses the entire need set of the healthcare supply chain. They are a continuous cost improvement engine that also eliminates risk and improves clinical stakeholder satisfaction in the modern healthcare environment.”

Michael Dash

Vice President, Operations / LifeShare Community Blood Services

“MedSpeed continues to earn our business. If MedSpeed was not an alternative, LifeShare would build the comprehensive transportation network at significant cost and extensive management effort.”

Our Blog

Intra-Company Logistics: It's More Than Getting from Point A to Point B

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Collaboration is the Key to Effective Strategic Partnerships

The best strategic partnerships develop when organizations recognize that an expert partner can be better positioned to provide a vital […]

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Building systemness in an expanding footprint

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We live in a world overflowing with data. I’ve written before about big data and the danger of focusing on […]

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