Culture, People, Common Goals and Intra-Company Logistics in 2025

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Dave Johnson, CEO of 4sight Health to talk about MedSpeed’s journey over the past 18+ years, from a business school concept to where our company has grown today: with close to 2000 MedSpeeders in 29 states.

Dave’s a great interviewer and we covered a lot of ground in this particular podcast. We talked about the importance of tech solutions and processes, but how both are dwarfed in comparison to culture and people. That fact is evident every day at our company where the stars on our team are the MedSpeeders who support our customers and their patients each day.

We also discussed the importance of forming strategic partnerships with our customers, which means we’re on the same side of the table, looking at shared common goals. It has to be that way if we’re all going to succeed. By helping healthcare organizations constructively evolve, we can help them deliver superior healthcare.

I did talk a bit about what may feel distant today, but what intra-company logistics could help accomplish by 2025. We’ll have to wait seven years to see how accurate I am about that.

In the meantime, I invite you to listen to the full podcast here.

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