Is the ‘Sharing Economy’ the Disrupter Healthcare Needs?

Tech startups pioneered the “sharing economy,” allowing people to repurpose their assets to provide a variety of goods and services, such as a shared car ride, bike or place to stay. It’s very beneficial to take this concept of sharing assets one step further and look at in the context of systemness and how sharing makes healthcare more efficient.

According to industry reports, equipment utilization in healthcare could be as low as 40 percent. What if instead of medical and surgical equipment being viewed as fixed assets that belong to a facility or even a specific hospital wing or operating room, forward-looking leaders examined ways to share equipment across growing networks, so those valuable assets aren’t sitting around underused?

Think about it. More shared equipment can increase utilization, reduce unnecessary purchases and rental spend, and generate meaningful cost savings. In addition to reducing waste, shared equipment allows providers to offer a wider variety of services at satellite facilities and even justify the purchase of a new, high-tech device because its use will be optimized across multiple facilities. This shift in mindset about equipment as a shared system asset, can reduce costs, improve outcomes and create a better patient experience, moving providers one step closer to capturing the Triple Aim.

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