Intra-Company Logistics: The Backbone of Your Successful Supply Chain

A 6-minute webcast from AHRMM describes how health systems can leverage logistics to achieve strategic goals.


Delivering Health

Learn how we deliver health by connecting patients, providers and their communities.

More Than a Driver

We’re not just driving. A patient’s wellbeing is in our hands.

Going the Extra Mile

Our network of MedSpeeders made this inspiring story possible.

Intra-Company Logistics: The Next Catalyst for System Integration

In today’s changing healthcare environment, effective system-wide integration is a critical step toward optimizing operations.


Is your Intra-Company Logistics an Asset or a Liability?

Treating logistics as a commodity taps value creation at a low level and may cause unintended consequences. Done right, and carefully designed, intra-company logistics can be transformed from a cost center to a strategic asset.


Savings Hidden in Plain Sight

Logistics costs are often embedded in many costs centers. Now is the time to transform intra-company logistics in to a unified, cost efficient network.


Is your Intra-Company Logistics Lean?

Improving quality and efficiency, while controlling costs, is an imperative in healthcare. Health systems nationwide are adopting Lean to meet this challenge.


The True Cost of Using the Lowest Price Logistics Provider

Many times, what looks to be the lowest price solution ends up having the highest overall long term cost.

Improve Sustainability with Intra-Company Logistics

Efficient intra-company logistics can make a dramatic contribution to your organization’s sustainability efforts.


The Death of the RFP

Why RFPs for purchased services may not be the best way to get the optimal solution.


True Value of Healthcare Transportation

In this webcast, Dr. Robert Handfield, director of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative at North Carolina State University, shares results from his national study on healthcare executives’ opinions on transportation.