Delivering health means delivering good health outcomes for patients

Even with the best of intentions, mistakes happen at every healthcare organization, and the health of patients can be impacted.

In a survey conducted earlier this year by American Nurse Journal, the official journal of the American Nurses Association, 353 nurse respondents indicated that:

  • 56% have had to reschedule a patient procedure in the past year
  • 72% said a medical courier delay or error impacts their ability to provide patient care at least once a month
  • 65% have had to collect additional specimens/samples for testing
  • 20% have had to collect an additional specimen/sample for testing so often that in the past year they’ve done so “more than 5 times” or “too many to count”

According to the World Health Organization, 50% of adverse health events are preventable making prevention essential to delivering better health outcomes.  Still, mistakes do happen, and not every mistake is preventable. But, choosing a healthcare logistics provider, as opposed to a simple courier can mean the difference between delivering effective healthcare or hindering it.

MedSpeed’s mission is “to deliver health.” What we do is a vital part of care delivery that impacts patients—and their health outcomes—every single day. We take that role very seriously. And, while we don’t rest on our laurels, having an error rate that is a small fraction of the industry average, means that we can positively impact our customers’ patients, and help those healthcare organizations deliver good health outcomes.

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