Twenty-Two Years and Counting—Thanks to our MedSpeeders

On April 10th MedSpeed turned 22.  In the time since we began operations with three routes in Chicago, we’ve seen many changes within the healthcare industry and within our own organization.

For all of these – and they are too numerous to list – one thing has been true throughout: everything we do rests on the foundation of our team, the now nearly 3,000 MedSpeeders that live our mission every day.

Whether in providing the day-in-day-out service that supports care delivery in our communities or in extraordinary examples of MedSpeeders who go above and beyond, the work of our team is what sets us apart.  They are the centerpiece of the trust and confidence bestowed upon us to play our role in delivering health, a trust that has earned us the opportunity to serve 27 of our country’s top 100 health systems.

So, my message is a simple one.  I am honored to be a part of this team and grateful to each and every MedSpeeder who has helped shape our company into what we are today and who will shape us into what we become going forward. Thank you!

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