What we learned when a customer didn’t renew (and came back within a week)

Recently, MedSpeed lost an RFP to renew our work with a valued customer. Within a week of the new vendor taking over the service, that customer asked us to return – and to do so with urgency.

Let me tell you the story.

A few months ago, MedSpeed got the phone call that we were not being renewed, something we have only experienced three times in our history. This news really, really hurt. But we did our best to shake it off and commit to learning from the pain. Taking this positive thought forward, we operated with excellence until our final day, at which point we shut down and dismantled our local operations.

Less than a week later, the customer called us. Operations were in disarray and care delivery was at risk. Along with the customer, we formed a plan to return. Over Memorial Day weekend, 30 MedSpeeders flew in from across the country in support of the local team to re-launch our operation in record time.

Three takeaways:

First, transportation is not a commodity. This is an essential service that must function at the very highest level to support an effective and efficient health system. It can be crippling when it doesn’t work well. And it can open up pathways to value and clinical effectiveness when it does.

Second, this is an affirmation of the MedSpeed team. From the request to return to going live with a 130-person operation, less than four days elapsed. Time and again, MedSpeeders show who we are: a mission-driven team committed to the well-being of the communities we serve.

Finally, the support and collaboration from our customer were equally exceptional. When two parties come together towards a shared goal, it is something that always inspires me. This is true not just for confronting extraordinary events, but also for everyday effectiveness.

Thank you to everyone at MedSpeed and our customer that has been involved in this amazing effort.

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