Lessons from COVID: How It Made Virtua Health’s Supply Chain Stronger

As was true across the healthcare space, the pandemic challenged the supply chain of our client, Virtua Health.  Based in Marlton, N.J., Virtua found itself on the frontlines of the early COVID surge in the New York Tri-State area last spring.

Virtua’s AVP of support services, Bill Christie, runs the system’s supply chain operations for over 200 different care sites. He recently sat down with 4sight Health to talk about how his organization was able to pivot to meet the overwhelming demands of the pandemic. From assembling ventilators in house, to utilizing shipping containers to store additional inventory, the article recaps some of the extraordinary things the Virtua team did last year, as well as Bill’s lessons learned.

“We feel from this experience we can do anything, and we also learned that we [supply chain] can bring more value to the organization and be a key strategic asset,” Bill said.  “We’re serving more areas of the organization, and we’re serving each area even better than before. I can’t say enough about how our team responded, and that includes our supply chain partners like MedSpeed.”

Read the interview here: https://www.4sighthealth.com/pandemic-problem-solving-covid-couldnt-defeat-virtuas-supply-chain-it-made-it-stronger/

This article is part one of our three-part series that highlights the innovative ways MedSpeed’s customers have worked to overcome the challenges of COVID-19. Parts two and three will be released in the coming weeks.

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