Quality Must Always Be Front and Center

By Wes Crampton, COO

At MedSpeed, we take our role in healthcare seriously. We understand each item must be delivered to the right place at the right time for providers to care for patients. This point has never been clearer to me than in 2020. Supporting our customers as they implement massive testing strategies, distribute PPE and reallocate equipment and pharmaceuticals has challenged MedSpeeders to assure the very highest levels of performance.

One of the key takeaways I have from this year, is our commitment to quality must always be front and center, especially during a crisis. In honor of Healthcare Quality Week, I’d like to share a couple of the new things our team is doing to continuously enhance quality.

First, we’ve invested in our training for new and veteran MedSpeeders. Our enhanced training program helps MedSpeeders to better understand the importance of getting each and every movement right and our impact on care delivery.

Second, we’ve sewn together technology and data analysis to assess the driving behavior of our team in order to keep MedSpeeders and community members safer. This process serves as a predictive indicator of potential accidents and allows us to intervene before that happens. Since implementing this tool, we have already seen improvement in our overall driving safety.

It’s hard to say what the world will look like a year from now, but I have a strong suspicion that quality will continue to be a critical focus for MedSpeed.  And, for now, we would recognize and thank the healthcare professionals that look after the well-being of all of us!

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