Celebrating National Health Care Supply Chain Week

This week, October 4-10, is designated by AHRMM as National Health Care Supply Chain Week. It is so designated, among other reasons, to allow for recognition and appreciation of the healthcare supply chain professionals who, in their work, enable healthcare to carry out its vital mission. The purpose of today’s blog, first and foremost, is for MedSpeed to join in that chorus of appreciation. Thank you supply chain professionals for all you do!

However, beyond solely expressing this appreciation, this week has made me think and reflect on our experiences as part of this healthcare supply chain. What we have seen – and been honored to be part of – is a continuous evolution of this function. From its bygone days as a below the radar function, supply chain has become more and more essential and more and more strategic with the changes in healthcare itself – bigger systems, more points of care, different economic modalities and so forth.

This has never been more true than in the way supply chain has risen to the call of duty in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here, supply chain leaders across healthcare have innovated to take on this unprecedented challenge. Vital as this has been and remains to the pandemic response, these innovations and the critical role they have played point to a continuing greater role of supply chain in the healthcare of tomorrow.

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