2020 Inc. 5000

I am pleased to share that MedSpeed has made it onto the 2020 Inc. 5000 list. This designates us as one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. (or, in any case, one of the fastest that applied to Inc…). We have now earned this distinction four times, something which is and has been a reflection on two key groups.

First, is our team of MedSpeeders. From our early days, we have been fortunate to have had an amazing group of talented and dedicated people who have elected to make MedSpeed their work home. This group has built a culture of teamwork and mission-focus that is foundational to everything we are and will ever be.

The second, equally important group is MedSpeed’s customers. Not only do they honor us with their ongoing trust in hiring and retaining our services, they have also been constant contributors to that very service. This virtuous cycle – we earn new customers who contribute to the value of that service helping us to earn new customers – has been and remains central not just to our growth but much more importantly to fulfillment of our mission of delivering health.

The commitment and dedication of these two groups has never been more evident than over these last several months confronting the COVID-19 pandemic. The MedSpeeder team has rallied to the calling of playing our supporting role in this grave public health crisis. And our customers locked arms with us in collaboration, as they always have.

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