The Healthcare Supply Chain of the Future

The healthcare supply chain.  MedSpeed has been a player in this space now for two decades and never has this topic been more on the minds of healthcare leaders, not to mention the citizenry at large, than today amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Unfortunately, at the pandemic’s outset, this was largely a story of shortages.  Over time, however, this narrative has evolved more and more around examples of ingenuity and creativity in building new supply chain pathways to support the fight against this insidious threat.

Amidst this, in the spare moments of which there have been few, individual supply chain participants and their organizations have begun to look forward.  They are asking a vital question: Knowing all that we now know, what is the healthcare supply chain of the future?  Interesting cross industry collaboratives, like I Am The Healthcare Supply Chain are springing up to provide a platform to support this discussion.

All this is still very new and the outcomes equally uncertain.  But there is no question that this attention – and the thoughtful work springing from that attention – will be valuable to our industry and, given the essential role we play in the well-being of society at large, valuable in a much broader sense as well.

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