What the Future Holds

We are now well into our fourth calendar month since the COVID-19 pandemic fully arrived in the United States.  On the one hand, we have worked to adapt to a new normal.  But, more so, we are weary of pandemic life and all that it has wrought.  Making all this more difficult is the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

Despite this challenge, it is incumbent upon healthcare leaders, and other key policy makers, to look forward.  This will help us take the steps back towards our old lives – albeit with certain likely permanent differences – but also prepare for the many potential eventualities that we may confront.

To that end, Deloitte surveyed 50 clinical leaders in early May and recently released results. At the top of those leaders’ minds is a concern for a second wave of infection (82% of respondents, in fact, had this as their top worry).  Not surprisingly, the survey also revealed that essentially all organizations are taking steps to both prepare for and do all in their power to forestall such a public health relapse.

Ultimately, it is all our hope that the shock of the last several months will help provide for a better future.  In the short run, this will mean attentiveness to infection prevention and readiness for local surges.  Looking out further, perhaps it can also help our society – and global society – more fully adopt an appreciation that unlikely events do happen, and we must be ready for them.

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