Will 2020 be the Year of Healthcare Transformation?

Transformation. Disruption. Words used to describe radical change.

These same terms have been bandied about to discuss what needs to happen to the American healthcare system; change that makes for a demanding proposition and one that will require continuous effort.

A recent Op/Ed in Modern Healthcare by Jonathan Manis, SVP and chief information officer for Irving, Texas-based Christus Health addresses healthcare’s incomplete progression toward transformation.

Manis asserts that one needs three things in order to transform: 1) knowing what you are today, 2) knowing what you want to become in the future and 3) the fortitude to get there.

His observation is that number 2 is the challenge in healthcare. Given the many moving pieces and uncertainty in this space, the industry is grappling with the vision. What exactly should the healthcare of the future look like? How do we shift our thinking to start with the patient and work backwards?

In our corner of healthcare this continues to be a big challenge, but one that we embrace. Making sure providers have the items they need to deliver convenient care, helping our customers expand to new points of care and enabling cost savings initiatives are just a few of the ways we are working to support healthcare transformation.

It is easy to get caught up in the rhetoric around change but, as Manis points out, comprehensive transformation will require a lot of hard work. I look forward to seeing what steps we can take together in 2020.

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