Logistics are Mission-Critical to the Lab of the Future

I had a great experience at last week’s Executive War College on Lab and Pathology Management, highlighted by the opportunity to moderate a panel about next-level logistics infrastructure that enable the lab of the future.

During the session, Aaron Maixner, operations administrator for the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at the Mayo Clinic Health System; Khosrow Shotorbani, the executive director, founder and chief executive officer of Lab 2.0 Strategic Services; and Sam Terese, chief executive officer and president of Alverno Laboratories covered how their logistics networks have advanced with their lab’s growth and improve operational efficiency and patient care. Some key outtakes of that discussion included:

  • “Transportation plays a vital role in the transition to Lab 2.0. The transportation team is part of the care team because if specimens aren’t where they need to be, nothing else matters.”
  • “Logistics is absolutely mission-critical to a well-functioning lab because it’s the enabler. Without it, the whole thing comes tumbling down.”
  • “Think of logistics as another element of your business strategy.”

We also discussed outsourcing transportation: what they learned and how their organizations leveraged outsourced partnerships to improve control and reliability. One panel member said, “In this day and age, none of us can do this alone. We have to find partners to do the things that we shouldn’t be doing ourselves.”

Other valuable observations included:

  • “Find partners that share your vision. It gives them skin in the game and you know they’ll be on the same page and willing to go the extra mile.”
  • “Look at the positive downstream impact to save money in the long term. It’s about quality and value, not the initial price.”

I truly appreciate the insight and input shared by Aaron, Khosrow and Sam. I am excited to work with and learn from them as we continue to build the kind of infrastructure that enables labs and health systems to function more strategically, efficiently and effectively.

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