Overcoming the reluctance to outsource transportation management

I am attending the Executive War College on Lab and Pathology Management in New Orleans next week and I couldn’t be more excited. First, I am eager to see and learn from great lab minds from around the country. Second, I will be moderating a panel of incredible thought leaders from Alverno Laboratories, Avera Health System and Mayo Clinic Health System who will discuss how they have taken on the process of developing a next-level logistics infrastructure to enable the lab of the future.

Let’s be clear, I have plenty of skin in this game since developing this type of infrastructure is exactly what MedSpeed does. This aside, I am excited about the panel because of the opportunity to share with the broader audience the value they can achieve by thinking differently and more strategically about their transportation/logistics operation.

The panel members will explore how their logistics networks have changed with their lab’s growth and how their organizations leveraged them to improve operational efficiency and patient care. They will also delve into outsourcing: What they gained from outsourcing; what their biggest learning was and how they leveraged their outsourcing partnership to actually improve control and reliability.

If you’ll be in New Orleans for the Executive War College, I hope you can join us at 3:45 PM, on April 30.

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