What Patient Consumer Research and Intra-company Logistics Have in Common

Earning the respect of the Healthcare C-Suite

A recent article in Modern Healthcare got me thinking. At first blush “Health systems ramp up consumer research to improve care experience,” doesn’t seem to have much to do with healthcare intra-company logistics, but actually the benefits (and struggles) healthcare organizations have experienced related to consumer research are very similar to what we’ve seen with our own customers.

The article says, “A growing number of health systems are amping up their consumer research investment to enhance patient satisfaction and establish brand loyalty as consumerism takes hold in the industry.”

This is an interesting evolution because patient experience and satisfaction are incredibly important today, not only to attract patients–and keep them happy—but also because with restructured reimbursement models, the patient experience impacts what systems get paid.

The article discusses how hard it is to promote the value of said research. I look at this in a different way.

My key takeaway is that this is excellent evidence of evolved thinking in a new universe of healthcare.  This evolution of thinking is something we at MedSpeed have seen as well. In the past, healthcare intra-company logistics has been an afterthought. But now, in light of the need for systemness, it is far more important, and we are seeing it garner a lot more attention.

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