Intra-Company Logistics: It’s More Than Getting from Point A to Point B

By Wes Crampton, Chief Operating Officer, MedSpeed

Increasingly, providers are re-thinking healthcare transportation because a single delivery delay, a mishandled specimen or a missed delivery can be costly in terms of actual dollars, impact to the patient experience and market reputation. Such errors are estimated to cost providers an average of $600-700 per error (or more). With an industry average of 500 to 1000 errors per million stops, errors can cost providers hundreds of thousands of dollars. (Shameless plug: MedSpeed’s error rate is only 38 errors per million stops).

When executives hone in on the true costs of logistical errors, instead of the traditional courier model, they want a holistic, more strategic approach, which is intra-company logistics. By moving to a single solution across facilities, efficiencies are identified, unnecessary costs reduced and performance standardized.

To read more about intra-company logistics, check out my blog post on Modern Healthcare.

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