Intra-company Logistics: The Missing Link to Systemness, Higher Quality Care

Many healthcare organizations strive to achieve systemness, but not all have been able to create “the desired future state of complex healthcare delivery systems — that deliver patient-focused, seamless and high-quality care across the many parts of a system to maximize value for customers.”

Growth alone won’t guarantee the benefits a system can achieve through scale and acting as one, integrated system. It takes work. And just like building a house, it all starts with a strong infrastructure and foundation.

For healthcare organizations that want to attain systemness, an essential part of that infrastructure is the deployment of intra-company logistics. Intra-company logistics provides the logistical layer that empowers the clinical layer to function most efficiently and effectively. It is the foundation of the healthcare supply chain and every health system needs it for its clinical operations to function at their highest capacity.

Here is my most recent take on systemness and the benefits of intra-company logistics in Modern Healthcare.

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