Savvy Health Systems Focus on the Basics to Achieve Higher Goals By Taking “Systemness” to the Next Level

We just published the second in a series of articles that I’ve co-authored with Dave Johnson, CEO of 4sight Health. The article examines systemness and how intra-company logisitics facilitates the success of healthcare organizations to become “one entity.” Below is an excerpt from the article, and you can click here to read the full article.

Football is a “system” sport. Offense, defense and special teams function as distinct units with their own coaches, schemes and measures of success. But teams that win the Super Bowl bring those distinct units together to operate as one entity, a winning team.

Healthcare leadership teams recognize the need for a “one entity” approach to meet or exceed customer/patient needs and deliver on value-based contracts. Like NFL teams chasing a Super Bowl championship with a focus on a high-scoring offense or a bruising defense, unfortunately, some healthcare executives prioritize “big ticket items” such as creating a system-wide culture or implementing a single electronic medical record, while overlooking less obvious opportunities to achieve the “one entity” goal.

Research shows that all too often, healthcare companies overlook the strategic opportunity that intra-company logistics offer, but that is changing. And that change is happening because leaders who deploy intra-company logistics recognize the meaningful opportunity that exists to leverage their organization’s logistical framework to operate as one, integrated system.

Super Bowl winners out-match rival teams by fortifying a high-performance system with players who fulfill their distinct roles responsibly. No player is bigger than the team and its system.

Health systems must be similarly ruthless about evaluating the costs and benefits of basic functions and maximizing value for the whole enterprise.

The lesson is simple: When health companies get transportation right, they save time and money and improve performance. Intra-company logistics can provide the strategic framework that turns healthcare organizations into champions.

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