Healthcare transportation in 2015 and beyond: What does the future hold?

The last of my blog posts discussing our roundtable at the Fall 2012 IDN Summit covers our participants’ commentary on what the future holds for them.  What became clear from our discussion with these supply chain leaders is that health systems can no longer get by with the status quo.

Everyone acknowledged that doing things the way they’ve always been done is not a recipe for success. Health systems need to pay attention to previously overlooked areas, such as healthcare transportation, to see how they can improve and simplify the supply chain and ultimately better integrate the entire organization.

Our participants weigh in:

“The first thing that I noticed when I walked into the very first hospital was that we just threw bodies at everything. We’re finally getting to the point where we’ve figured out that we can’t do that, because that costs money too.”

“If we’re going to survive in our future reimbursement world, we’re going to have to really streamline things a heck of a lot more and partner with companies who can help us be more creative.”

We heard from a number of participants that the waves of the future are compliance, best practices and less duplication.

“One of the things that matters to me is that by having transportation under one roof, I’d get rid of so much duplicated effort…I’d like to understand best practices, and really be able to drive compliance.”

“What’s going on in our organization is getting away from the incremental and going for the transformational.  And once we get to the transformational, then we’ll get back to the incremental and fine-tune it. But we’ve got to do the transformational pieces now.”

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