There Is No “I” in Team: The Value of We

As they say, “There is no ‘I’ in team.”

A recent post in H&HN entitled “Creating a Culture of ‘We’ Leads to Health Care Value,” addressed this very point. The author, Jack McNamara, points out that in healthcare today, there is an overarching strategic imperative to develop and embed a culture of value throughout the enterprise. And who does that include?

It should include everyone. The concept of the “mutuality of interests,” developed nearly 100 years ago by sociologist and theorist Mary Parker Follett, states that this mutuality is built not on the Golden Rule, but on the principal that when those working together share the same interests, the quality of work improves, and there is less waste.

McNamara closes with “Value creation is the axis around which health care delivery will revolve, and all care partners must have a shared interest in the same vision, value proposition and measures of success.”

This concept of strategic partnerships is something in which I have a keen interest. The business of healthcare is important. Providers who work with suppliers of services that touch patient care, even if indirectly, need to know that their suppliers are as equally invested in the patient experience and the ultimate goal of providing timely, quality patient care.

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