Air Traffic Control and Healthcare?

I recently read a MedCityNews post that used an air traffic control metaphor to describe what the future of healthcare could look like. The article compares the future of hospital operations with how air traffic control’s efficient and streamlined scheduling and operations transformed air travel.

The idea of pulling together activities that if treated individually and uncoordinated could be dangerous and/or cause service disruption resonates. We look at healthcare logistics in a similar manner. How can we take activities that used to be handled individually and develop new processes and infrastructure to turn those individual components into something better? And we want that “something” to deliver tremendous yield, in the form of better, more coordinated activity; more transparency; improved pass offs; consistency in repeated activities, etc. The ultimate results of which are safety and streamlined operations with less parts and greater opportunity for positive impact.

Despite a slightly different perspective, the article’s sentiment is very relevant to what we do. “Investing in the technology, systems and processes” to coordinate, streamline and maximize logistics and access is the key to doing more with less and organizing what could otherwise be chaotic.

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