What Do Healthcare Supply Chain Managers Think? Part II – Introduction to our second roundtable discussion

In the spring, we conducted a roundtable discussion with top healthcare supply chain leaders to discuss their healthcare transportation needs. We had a lively, two hour discussion that left us with a key takeaway: supply chain leaders are looking for ways to transform their healthcare transportation operations from a tactical, commodity-based service to a strategic asset that can help them better navigate the changing healthcare landscape.

With the rapid changes we are experiencing in healthcare, we decided to conduct a follow up to see if the discussion has changed. So, at the 2012 Fall IDN Summit in Phoenix, AZ, we gathered another group of top healthcare supply chain leaders and asked them to talk about their current supply chain and healthcare transportation needs and challenges.  Perhaps not surprisingly, the conversation touched upon similar themes:

  • Winds of change: As health systems expand, so must transportation operations
  • The big unknown: hidden costs
  • If it’s not your core competency, outsource it
  • Healthcare transportation in 2015 and beyond: what does the future hold?

To me, the biggest take away from this second roundtable discussion is that transportation is big and important and can no longer be ignored, particularly with today’s pressures to streamline, remove waste and gain greater control over operations.

I will delve into each of the four topics in more detail once per week for the next four weeks. Stay tuned…

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