What if the Hospital of the Future is Not a Hospital?

What will the hospital of the future look like? Not that much like hospitals looked 10 years ago according to an article in HealthLeaders. That conclusion is probably not a huge surprise to those of us in healthcare who have seen the shift away from an inpatient setting as the primary care modality. And while inpatient care may still be the anchor of many health systems, its role in the continuum of care is dramatically changing.

Author Phil Betbeze writes that the hospital of the future will be “a cohesive amalgamation of plenty of outpatient modalities that represent growth in healthcare.” He goes on to point out that while this shift doesn’t mean new patient towers won’t be constructed, it does mean that any construction undertaken “will be based on adaptability, patient flow and efficiency gains.”

Because healthcare now means extending care to a wider array of facilities, health systems are going to have to rethink business processes in order to effectively and efficiently scale.

The ongoing changes in payment and reimbursement incentives are driving all hospitals and health systems to both create, and then deliver, a more value-driven healthcare model. For healthcare organizations that want to continue to adapt to the future, recognizing the benefits of physical integration could be an excellent step in the right direction.

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