Driving Results

At MedSpeed, things have been busy and are getting busier. You may have noticed that we’ve launched a new website in order to better define the role and value of healthcare transportation and showcase our efforts to help move healthcare forward. As part of this next phase, we are seeking to create a dialogue about the future of healthcare, here in the form of a blog.

We have chosen to name this blog “Driving Results” because driving results is exactly what the right healthcare transportation should do: drive better patient experiences and better results for healthcare organizations.  Our goal for this forum is to support that mission by engaging and collaborating with you and other like-minded healthcare industry leaders. We hope to work together to become a powerful voice with real impact in moving healthcare forward.

I anticipate posting monthly, but may do so more frequently as compelling topics arise. My posts will likely be about the industry, the impact of healthcare transportation and improving patient care, but I’m sure, from time to time I will share some exciting news about MedSpeed.  I enthusiastically welcome questions, observations and feedback and encourage you to contact me if you have any topic ideas or are interested in writing a guest blog, at [email protected].


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