Strategic Advantage

Value Driven through Transportation

Healthcare transportation can be one of two things:

  1. A low value, commodity function with the sole purpose to simply courier materials between facilities.
  2. A strategic and competitive asset, which can be leveraged to provide value and savings to the organization.


When properly applied, transportation has the ability to foster strategic growth, allow an organization to refocus on its core and provide data to make critical business decisions. Outsourcing to MedSpeed allows healthcare organizations to make strategic gains without having to invest the time and resources to build the function internally.

Transforming Transportation into a Strategic Asset

MedSpeed lifts the burdens of executing and managing day-to-day transportation from our clients so that they have the freedom to focus on their core business. What's more, our centralized approach, technology, performance measurement and analysis transform transportation from an ancillary service into a strategic asset for our partners. Centralized operations allow us to manage the system as a whole, easily making adjustments to the entire operation at once. Our scanning technology not only ensures security and accountability for the items being carried, but also provides the critical data we utilize to measure and track performance. Furthermore, we analyze all of that data to identify new opportunities for improvement, such as right-sizing service levels and additional centralization opportunities.

How We Do It

MedSpeed understands that our partners are looking for more than just day-to-day execution from a medical courier. They want a partner that will not only manage the daily activities but also provide high-level strategic support and insight. How do we do it? Two ways:

Open QuotationMedSpeed is truly a great business partner. They provide customer focused, cost-effective, technology and processes that we were unable to achieve with our prior courier modelClose Quotation

Rich Mencel, Director of Materials Management, North Memorial Health Care