Technology – Real time peace of mind

MedSpeed's proprietary technology is designed especially for healthcare.  Knowing the temperature state of a specimen at pick-up, where to insert an unplanned blood supply delivery or which supplies need to be dropped off at the next stop is critical to our customers.

At MedSpeed, we expect the unexpected. As such, we have procedures in place to handle it all --beginning with our proprietary technology platform.  MedSpeed's robust technical solution helps us to provide services with quality and efficiency, while at the same time generating data to measure and report on operational performance.


The MedSpeed Difference

  • Proprietary technology, specifically built for healthcare
  • Scan-track handheld computers guide drivers through their day
  • Real time pickup and delivery tracking
  • Dedicated corporate technology support team
  • Electronic chain of custody capture
  • Data collection for performance reporting
  • 24/7 GPS monitoring of all vehicle whereabouts and the important materials contained within them
  • State of the art routing software

Open QuotationMedSpeed is truly a great business partner. They provide customer focused, cost-effective, technology and processes that we were unable to achieve with our prior courier model.Close Quotation

Rich Mencel, Director of Materials Management, North Memorial Health Care