Operational Quality

The Link between Transportation and Patient Care

Every patient interaction, from a routine clinic visit to an urgent blood transfusion, relies in some way on the same-day pickup and delivery of a specimen, pharmaceutical, radiology film, blood product, medical record or supply.  Moreover, medical professionals depend on timely, meticulous transport of the essential items they need to do their jobs.  Quality operations are important because transportation touches every segment of healthcare and as a result, the ability to move critical items safely and efficiently impacts patient care.

Good for Your Patients and Your Business

At MedSpeed, we are exclusively focused on healthcare and understand the unique demands of the industry.  The items we transport on your behalf are valuable.  Delays and mistakes can jeopardize tight schedules and affect the productivity of your team.  Our mission is to support all of our  partners, with industry-leading quality.  For that reason, we built a dedicated department to oversee the quality of our operations and ensure our 99.99% operational success rate.

All of your stakeholders - patients, caregivers, donors, administrators and more - deserve safe, efficient delivery of vital materials.  A partnership with MedSpeed reduces risk, eliminates loss and ensures that the right items get delivered to the right place at the right time.

How We Do It

Seamless execution, ongoing savings, performance management reporting - how do we do it?  It all starts with MedSpeed's solid operational foundation.  Leveraging over 10 years of industry experience, MedSpeed brings a proven operations model to every partnership. This provides us with the tools we need to function as your internal transportation department and provide you with forward-thinking support.

Our operational playbook includes:

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Rob Handfield, PhD, Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management Co-Director Resource Cooperative, Supply Chain, NC State Universtity