Economic Value

Quality and Cost Reduction Don't Have to be a Trade Off

The cost of doing business is rising. Today, more than ever, healthcare is challenged to do more with less.  Even so, cutting back on service or quality is simply not a viable option. Healthcare leaders must look for other ways to combat the rising costs of care.  A partnership with MedSpeed provides an ideal opportunity to discover new savings and add value to your operation.

Four Ways to Save

As your transportation partner, MedSpeed creates a strategic asset for your organization that will generate four ways to save:

  1. Direct, Day One Savings - A MedSpeed partnership instantly saves your organization from the direct cost burdens of time and resources.
  2. Unbudgeted Savings - From error reduction savings, to liberated real estate, to transfer of the risk and liability in maintaining an internal department, MedSpeed drives indirect savings for its customers.
  3. Future Cost Avoidance - Future capital investments for technology, personnel, fleet replacement and excess capacity needs are avoided, as MedSpeed handles them entirely.
  4. On-Going Cost Containment - Through centralized operations and transparent pricing, MedSpeed makes it easy to identify changes and adjust service levels to meet your needs.  Our analytical processes identify new service offerings, revenue opportunities and consolidation or expansion strategies and our flexible pricing model allows for their cost effective implementation.

How We Do It

Meaningful day one savings for one client, a significant reduction in on-demand for another - how do we do it?  After more than 10 years in the industry, MedSpeed understands that quality and value do not have to be a trade off.  Our savings opportunities are created through a combination of smart analysis and balance.  In short, we do not cut corners - we just design smart solutions and manage efficiency.

Our cost benefit summary includes:

Open QuotationWith MedSpeed, we realized meaningful savings on day one and their analytics have driven ongoing value as Advocate and the MedSpeed relationship have grown over time.Close Quotation

Rosemary Grein, Administrator, Strategic Sourcing and Clinical Resource Management, Advocate Health Care