Building Systemness in an Expanding Footprint

As more providers combine facilities or expand their reach, they’re facing new challenges – and opportunities to maximize scale and operate as one efficient system. Systemness enables organizations to centralize or share services, but it’s only the first step. Read more on Modern Healthcare to find out what it takes to achieve this goal with intra-company logistics by clicking here.

Intra-Company Logistics: It’s More Than Getting from Point A to Point B

The mindset for many providers seems simple: move items, whatever they may be, from one facility to another. Unfortunately, the result of this can be costly delays and errors that lead to potential patient harm. Wes Crampton, COO, delves into how intra-company logistics hones in on the true cost of logistical errors while creating a lasting impact on your patients and clinicians on Modern Healthcare. Click here to read more!

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