Achieving High-Reliability Requires a Holistic Perspective

Providing healthcare has gravity, because the consequences of failure can be dire. Operating in this environment has driven many healthcare organizations to strive to become a High-Reliability Organization, or HRO. HROs are organizations that operate in complex, high-risk environments with fewer than normal accidents or catastrophic failures.

High-reliability is important in direct clinical activities, but high-reliability is just as important for support functions that have an indirect but significant impact on outcomes. Think about it: a late supply delivery or a damaged lab sample can negatively impact care and patient outcomes. Conversely, efficient and reliable intra-company logistics supports providers’ commitments to high-reliability.

This concept of HROs resonates with us at MedSpeed because ultimately what we do is part of the production of positive results (i.e. avoidance of failure). However, when it comes to health care delivery, everyone in our industry must leave no stone unturned. We must continue to push forward and advance to take care of the communities we serve.

You can read my full post on Modern Healthcare here.

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